Gemma - Career Girls (dir. Mike Leigh)

Beautifully written, heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny, sad and an occasionally uncomfortable film about two contrasting young women who became friends at uni and have not seen each other for 6 years. They re-visit some of their uni days via flashbacks over a weekend as they pretend to look to buy a house together as their sensible 'grown up' selves. I love character-driven films and this one has stuck with me over time. It also has a Cure soundtrack which is no bad thing either! Directed by the brilliant Mike Leigh, the first director I got interested in.

Gemma - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (dir. David Lynch)

I could have chosen any Lynch film really, but as I’m such a fan of Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me was a no brainer as it accompanies the series. I just love Lynch’s humour and the way he makes the viewer feel uncomfortable through forced silences and uncomfortably long scenes of the mundane, unglamourous things we all do in life that other directors would usually leave out.

Maria - Basquiat (dir. Julian Schnabel)

A superb film about one of my favourite artists, set in one of my favourite decades, and featuring one of my favourite singers (Bowie) as one of my favouring cultural icons (Warhol). What’s not to love?

Maria - This is Spinal Tap (dir. Rob Reiner)

Yeah, I’ll laugh haughtily at the characters and situations but behind my mocking mirth lies a realisation that my very existence is an echoing reflection of their uncoolness that I must, at all costs, keep at eternal bay for fear of descending into a bottomless pit of self-loathing. Pretty sure that’s why this movie strikes a chord with all bands…

Both - Withnail & I (dir. Bruce Robinson)

Joint fave. That mixture of comedy and tragedy, and the shining brilliance of Richard E Grant as dissident malcontent Withnail. Life will often throw an opportunity to quote a phrase from the movie, largely against one’s will…


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