This could be the most thrilling, tragic and beautiful film ever made. Hitchcock's use of colour is generally unbelievable but this film is in black & white as it's from 1940. Regardless, it might be his best movie.

Wings of Desire

This one's such a touching and poetic film. It moves at such a beautiful pace, where it's very easy to get lost in Damiel and Cassiel's observations. Wing's Of Desire is so meditative and can really put the mind at ease... it's always such a pleasure to watch. This one's probably our favourite of Wim Wenders', but also love Paris, Texas.

8 1/2

We've both seen this movie countless amounts of times because the dreamlike world Fellini creates is a place where we want to be all the time. For this reason, among others, Nino Rota's score is often playing in between studio sessions as we're cooking and eating. Fellini really is the best.

Deconstructing Harry

It's almost impossible to choose a Woody Allen favourite because he's probably collectively our favourite director. Deconstructing Harry is the one we most recently re-watched and we we're completely blown away. It had been a while since the last viewing and it was even more hilarious and well done than we remembered. It's amazing when this happens even after a film that one has seen at least 10 times in the past.

While We're Young

Noah Baumbach is a fantastic director and for sure one of our favourite current directors. His past three films have been so relevant and incredibly entertaining. We watched While We're Young and were pretty amazed at how multifaceted the movie is - can be easily enjoyed on the surface but actually discuses very deep topics and at the same time is hilarious. Very cool he often works with James Murphy on the scores as well.

Mountain View

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