It's been a busy spring for The Big Moon; not only did they release their debut album Love in the 4th Dimension last month via Fiction Records, but they've also been on the road since late March.

To celebrate the release of the album, we asked the London-based quartet to take our 5 Easy Pieces challenge. Check that out below, then spend all your money on tickets to see them at Brighton's The Great Escape and Liverpool's Sound City later in the month, as well as End of the Road Festival this September. Don't just go to one show, go to them all.


10 Things I Hate About You

I don't understand how you can exist as a person without seeing this film. Kat Stratford is the best role model of all time. And the soundtrack is perfection.

Where Eagles Dare

This film has everything. Richard Burton. Clint Eastwood. Intrigue. Nazis. Cable cars. And the storyline basically ends in the first half and then the final hour is just shit getting blown up. Quentin Tarantino once named it as his favourite film because it had the highest kill count. What more could you want?

High Society

Hands down my favourite musical. I love it because the characters are so imperfect and there are so many greats in it that even the side stories could be films in themselves. Grace Kelly is a stone cold fox and the one-two combo of Bing Crosby AND Frank Sinatra is glorious. Having Louis Armstrong involved means that all of the songs are brilliant and he has some excellent one liners.

A Matter of Life and Death

This film makes you ask yourself important questions like: what is love? What is sanity? If you could have anyone from history represent you in court who would it be? And is it time for the name 'June' to make a comeback? It's also an incredibly beautiful film with some stunningly sumptuous scenes.


Reading and learning things is really cool and so is being nice to other people. It makes you a magical superhero. Also Chocolate Fudge cake is delicious and you should eat as much of it as possible.