Grease 2

I think we can all agree that Grease 2 has the soundtrack that we all wish we wrote, minus that rape-y song in the underground bunker. If you stop comparing the sequel to the original, you’ll be much better off appreciating Grease 2 for actually having a feminist plotline. Grease 2 has its own plethora of babes, high school stereotypes, catchy songs and amazing outfits. And holy hell, that opening choreographed dance number in front of Rydell High? We’re hooked!


If the Hadid’s hadn’t done a lip-sync recreation of the dinner scene, we probably would have. The characters and their costumes in this movie are flawless to the point of literal envy. We even drew a door on the wall in our old TV room as kids so we could summon Beetlejuice from the afterworld.

The Dark Crystal

Probably not your typical five-year-old’s first choice as a favourite movie, but I’ve loved this movie ever since my oldest sister borrowed it from the library for me and swore she wouldn't tell our dad. Think what you will, but the juxtaposition and connection between the skeksis with the mystics is an amazing contrast. The ability of Jim Henson to make puppets both majestic af and absolutely disgusting and terrifying is true talent. Chaaammmmbberrrrlaaiiinnnnn!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This movie is always playing on repeat at our parents’ house during the holidays. Gotta love Chevy Chase with a towel on his head getting teary-eyed watching old home movies in the attic. What more could you want in a movie? And let’s face it, there’s a little bit of Cousin Eddie in all of us. “Merry Christmas, kiss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss your ass, Happy Hannukah.” And every word that comes out of Aunt Bethany’s mouth is legit gold: “Is this the airport Claaaark? Is your house on fire Claaaaark? Don’t throw me down the stairs Claaaaark. Is Rusty still in the navy?”

The Goonies

Our oldest sister’s collection of '80s/90s VHS movies had a big influence on our movie-watching as kids, so it’s hard to narrow this down. But The Goonies is one that undoubtedly holds up – it’s still funny and exciting and something that parents today should show their kids. The Truffle Shuffle, Sloth, Cyndi Lauper pumping over the credits – it’s still all just so darn fun. Every kid who felt the least bit like an underdog wants to be a Goonie after watching this.

The Garrys play The Sala Rossa on Wednesday, 14th November. Listen to their excellent Surf Manitou album below.