The Party (1968)

My dad would put this on every year or two throughout my childhood. He loves the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers collaborations. I think it was at some point in my mid-20s when I realised what a brilliant film it is. I much prefer it to the original Pink Panther films. There are barely any words spoken in the first half of the film. A masterclass in physical comedy and improvisation. Not to forget this beautiful song written by Henry Mancini and performed by one of the main characters.

Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

The pathetic protagonist, the sound of the harmonium, the light bleed in each frame, the sudden outbursts of violence, the masterful use of 'He Needs Me', the incredible Jon Brion. An unusual film that throws you off balance and remains with you.

The Triplets of Belleville (2003)

An incredibly special animated film that features mesmerising character design. The visual style is impossibly French (I mean this in the best possible way). The story follows a plucky elderly French woman named Madame Souza who is trying to rescue her grandson from the mob after he's kidnapped whilst competing in the Tour de France. Don't think too much about it, just watch it. You'll love it.

DiG! (2004)

The mark of a great documentary: having absolutely no prior interest in the subjects and yet being fully immersed throughout. Senna is another great example of this. Neither the Dandy Warhols or the Brian Jonestown Massacre have ever grabbed me musically, but I find their personalities and their journeys absolutely fascinating. Particularly as they are so interwoven, which is the main focus of this documentary. Bonkers and brilliant.

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

This film really resonates on a deeply personal level. The cyclical narrative is captivating. The beautifully considered palette makes the film feel like the cover of a faded vinyl lost somewhere in the attic. The story is awfully sad and terribly beautiful with layers of meaning to explore and obsess over. My favourite Coen brother's film.

The Last Dinosaur's latest album, The Nothing, is out now on Naim Records. Check out the video for 'The Sea' below.