The Shining

King and Kubrick combine in my favourite horror and arguably the best Halloween movie ever. The isolation, perfect framing, soundtrack and breathing room keep your poor heart racing. Jack Nicholson is a creepy psycho, Shelley Duvall is battered but triumphant. I love the graphics, the twins and the idea of reincarnation.


Haynes and Nagy’s incredible interpretation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 The Price of Salt. A story of forbidden love between two women in a restrictive society. It’s a coming of age moment for Therese mixed with the risk of losing everything to live authentically for Carol. Much of the dialogue is unspoken, seen through looks and glances. A cinematic, emotional masterpiece.

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Dark and quirky. I was obsessed with this film as a child and still am. Wonderland was an escape for me and I loved the witchy and whimsical nightmare nature of it. Darkchild you may be thinking? Very much so! In short, a film for anyone who feels on the periphery and finds solace and torment in their head.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Executive produced by Frances Bean, Kurt’s daughter, this is one of my favourite music documentaries. It’s raw, honest and unconventional much like the man himself. I love the artful mix of animation with interviews, home movies and diary entries. The film shows his battle between music and fame; addiction and love.

Poor Little Rich Girl

Edie and Andy’s contribution to art and the underground music and film scene in New York is undeniable. Poor Little Rich Girl is a day in the life of Edie getting dressed, smoking, doing her make-up and engaging in philosophical discussions with Chuck. It’s deliberately imperfect with most of the footage out of focus and I just adore the soundtrack of the Everly Brothers and The Shirelles.

Watch Theia's fantastic 'Candy' video below.