Brilliant documentary directed by Errol Morris. It's about Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen, who in the '70s became a big figure in the tabloid papers, as she pretty much kidnapped a Mormon dude. I'm apprehensive of explaining too much of what happened, as it can be unbelievable at times. She is a really strange and entertaining woman. She ended up suing Errol Morris for misrepresenting her, which isn't surprising - not because I think she was misrepresented, more because I think she's absolutely fucking nuts. A must watch, some of the best fun you can have watching a documentary.

Demon Seed

I ran one film night (couldn't get it together to do a second) when I lived in Dalston, as I used to collect VHS tapes of old and hard to find films. Demon Seed was one of the films we played, which was inspiration for Add N To (X)'s 'Metal Fingers In My Body'.

I also DJ'd playing old soundtrack music and played two films with a VHS player running through a projector (wouldn't recommend!) - the first being Westworld and the second film was this. The theme was 'vengeful technology'. Demon Seed is basically about a woman being held captive in her own home as her home personal computer (who controls the whole house) plans to impregnate her with his 'Demon Seed'. Bizarre film but absolutely fantastic and dark!

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

One of my favourite films - I've loved Pee Wee Herman since I was a kid. My mother was a big fan too. This is such a great film, visually there is so much going on that you're never in the same place twice. It's incredibly camp and very sharp. Paul Ruebens, aka Pee Wee, has been a controversial subject for years, with rumours of certain alleged offences that, whilst never proven fully, are hard to hear being such a fan. I don't let that get in the way of what an entertaining film Big Adventure is. It was made by Tim Burton before he became a terrific bore, too!

The Changeling

This is ridiculous for a staunch atheist, but I am obsessed with ghosts. My friend Sammy and I used to watch ghost documentaries, films and tv shows constantly whilst we lived together - whilst also trying to find out about any ghost stories our friends had and convincing ourselves our flat was haunted. It's a shame as now I feel like I've watched everything. The Changeling is one I chose as it may not be my all-time favourite of ghost-specific horror films, but it is absolutely tremendous yet has very little recognition. I could go into the plot, but as is the case with most of these films, it's about the atmosphere it creates rather than the storyline (a man moves into a haunted house). I love this film and recommend it to anyone I can!

Force Majeure

A relatively recent film, which I really enjoyed. It's a Swedish film about a family who go on a skiing trip to get away from the father's heavy work schedule. Whilst they are there, an avalanche starts and the father runs away, leaving his family behind. But the avalanche stops, the family are fine and understandably furious with his cowardice. It sounds like I'm spoiling the film but it's mainly about the downfall of the father post-avalanche and how he is viewed by his family. It's a fantastic concept and very funny.

Wesley Gonzalez's debut album Excellent Musician is out on June 30th via Moshi Moshi. Check out the video for 'Piece of Mind' below, along with his forthcoming tour dates.

June 30th - London, The Finsbury
August 18th - Green Man Festival
October 22nd - Winchester, Railway
October 23rd - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
October 24th - Leeds, Optimo
October 25th - Newcastle, Underground
October 26th - Glasgow, Hug & Pint
October 28th - Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
October 29th - Bristol, Louisiana
October 30th - London, Moth Club
October 31st - Manchester, Gullivers