Blue Velvet

David Lynch has an amazing talent for making the ordinary seem very surreal. This film in particular really feels like it comes straight from his subconscious and you get a real glimpse into his mind and his world which is something I am always striving to achieve with my own music. I admire his sort of Freudian logic of stringing events together, he seems like an artist who is very free from overthinking and who honours all of his ideas. The use of colour throughout the film is fantastic as well!

Waking Life

I still revisit this film occasionally whenever I'm super busy and haven't had time to ponder a thought that's larger than myself. Richard's writing is so inspiring and poignant, there are moments in this film that will make you press pause so you can sit and take in what has just been said and make sense of it. Then you'll revel in his marvellous ideas and probably tell your friends a cool theory on existentialism that you learnt from the film and start blowing people's minds left right and centre. Slacker is another amazing film of his as well.

Meshes Of The Afternoon

I love surrealism... a lot. Watching this just feels a bit like you are watching someone's nightmare back on a video tape. It also holds a lot of significance to me as it was one of the first moving images that I did creative sound design for. I did it with a group of friends and so we were given the whole film silent and then had to design and record all the sound and music. I was younger then so I think the first thing we did was put in a load of comical grunts and funny Nokia ringtones going off at inappropriate moments. When the mirrored faced character enters her bedroom when she's on her bed we also put on Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On', probably not the mood poor Maya was going for! Once we had got that out of our system we actually did some pretty cool work on it, bowing drum cymbals with violin bows and slowing down chugs of a washing machine by 200%.


Another favourite director of mine is Darren Aronofsky. It was hard to choose between all of his films because they are all so brilliant in their own ways. The cinematography is always really interesting and they always feel like a piece of art rather than a film. The protagonist's possessed demeanour in Pi sort of reminds me of myself and being a music producer. Your completely frenzied and consumed by what you are doing and have this grand idea always playing out in your head. There's definitely a crazy level of obsession as well (and often you feel like drilling into your own head at times haha).


I still don't fully understand this film yet but I'm trying. Every time I sit down and watch it I learn something else about time travel or physics. Shane Carruth actually studied physics and I love the idea of other practices crossing over and becoming new art forms. Taking inspiration from other mediums other than the one you are working in and letting it direct your work is usually how I make music these days and it's refreshing as soon as you put that view on the world. You start looking for inspiration from everything!

Mountain View

William Arcane's Hourglass EP is out on November 29th via Trace The Line Recordings. Listen to the excellent 'Settle' below.