It was a cold blustery day in February, but inside the Guess showroom in Midtown Manhattan, it felt warm.

While it seemed like a laid-back environment, the room was stuffed with a crew of newscasters, clothes, cameras, food platter and coffee table books. Suddenly, a bubbly blue-eyed blonde dressed in a grey sweatshirt, black leather miniskirt and over the knee boots. While it's easy to compare her to any other blonde bombshell of her generation, she is unlike any other: her presence felt immediate and she was not afraid to crack a joke or two.

From there on, I finally discovered that her charismatic aura was the reason why Guess, DNCE and even her childhood idol-turned-friend and mentor David Spade wanted to work with her. Her name is Charlotte McKinney.

This summer, she is ready to break the cinemas. Although we were not able to conduct the interview at the showroom, we chat on the phone about what it's like being the face of Guess, how she got into comedy and a new hobby.


You are currently the face of Guess' underwear campaign with Joe Jonas and this is the 3rd time you've worked with the brand. So what brought you to work with Guess and why do you identify with them?

I identify with Guess because to me, growing up, it is an iconic brand and a brand where women with curves could wear. With me, being a curvy, chesty woman, it fits my brand and vibe. Guess saw photos of me online and reached out to me. It was how it all began.

Aww! I'm so happy that Marciano reached out to you. What I love about Guess is that he puts in women that don't have the conventional body standards like Anna Nicole. I like how Guess promotes body positivity. As a model, how did it help you shape your views on it?

It helped me shape because a lot of modelling agencies and bookers would tell me, "You're too curvy", "We can't really shoot you with that bust size" and everything. For me, it was a constant battle. Guess looked at me in a different light...with what I was doing at the time.

I'm glad that they have been able to help you along the way. Honestly, the fashion industry has a long way to go.

Yeah, I think that Guess has opened the doors for a lot of different girls. I love being a part of the brand with what they're trying to hit out with that.

Apart from modelling, you are acting. What made you want to pursue the field?

For me, I've always wanted to act and it's something I wanted to do. Luckily enough, I was able to kind of do that through my modelling and through that, I could get my foot in the door.

You're in six movies this year!

I'm excited for all of them to come out!

Three of them are comedies (Mad Families, Literally Right Before Aaron and Baywatch) and there's one crime flick with Harvey Keitel called First We Take Brooklyn and another is a sequel to Flatliners. What is like for you to alternate between different characters and settings?

It comes to me really naturally. I worked closely with a coach in L.A. and I've worked on it a lot. It doesn't come easy for me as it's just putting in the time and effort.

What difficulties have you encountered the first time you started working on movies?

Not a whole lot. However, I have dyslexia. I've always needed a little extra time more than the other cast members.

I feel you! I also grew up with a learning disability, too. I'm glad that you are able to overcome that. What I see about you is that you have talent: comedic timing.

Thank you so much! I have a lot of people tell me that and it's something I'm always working on. But, it's something that comes naturally... because for me, it's my natural kind of fun. It's cool to see it getting to shine.

I have to say that it's not an easy genre to master. You're right because comedic timing is something that you have to be born with. So, what's your secret to making the perfect scene in a comedy?

Making a perfect feeding off who you're playing off with. Like getting to work with Charlie [Sheen] is easy. So, you ask each other a lot. It's kinda who you work with. You know, it's how you work with that.

Growing up, which comedies did you watch and who did you look up to?

For me, I watched a lot of Saturday Night Live and MadTV. I've always I looked up to everyone on those shows including my friend David Spade. From watching it growing up to getting to work with him has been really cool. My family was always watching that stuff, so I kind of got into it at a really young age.

Aww! I'm so glad that comedy has been instilled in you since young. I also love SNL and MadTV. I also think they're brilliant and funny. I can definitely see you do SNL, MadTV and get on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Yeah, I'm pumped for that!

Fingers crossed! I remember that you said that you are a very visual person. Can you tell us more about it?

As a kid with learning [difficulties] and everything, I've been more visual. The way I've learned stuff is hearing and seeing it. I think with dyslexia, it's made me become visual and creative in my own way. I don't find it a flaw - I find it just being more creative and think of it more outside the box.

Say if you have an off-day and you want to relax and get creative, what are your favourite places to go to seek inspiration?

I live in Malibu, so I just go down there to collect my thoughts. Sometimes, I like to go on long drives and collect my thoughts while driving. For me, I get a load of work done in my head when I'm near the beach.

What do you plan to write about?

I've been trying to write some comedy. I've been working closely with a comedian that hit me up... to work on some stuff. You know, I kind of write down any thoughts that are funny. A lot of stuff I write about is stuff I go through day-to-day in my life. I met with a lot of cool writers and hopefully in the future, I can work with great writers that I met.

I can't wait to see your writing projects come to life!

Thank you!

You're welcome! Lastly, if there is any cause you want to advocate on, what will it be?

It's Best Buddies - I got involved in with it when I was in high school. It's something that is part of my whole life and I hope to share it a bit more. I got to go to prom with a buddy and it's a charity that I'm looking forward to sharing more exciting stuff this year.

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted in early March, a month before Literally Right Before Aaron premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.