Amazon announced today that its second picture (behind Spike Lee's Chi-raq) will be a "wry comedy" and will come from director Jim Jarmusch, celebrated for indie films like Only Lovers Left Alive and Coffee and Cigarettes. These days, it's difficult to have a wry comedy without the presence of Adam Driver, who will fittingly star in the film after playing Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.

Titled Paterson, the film centers around a bus driver named Paterson, played by Driver, who lives in Paterson, New Jersey. His life is extremely routine, but his wife couldn't be more opposite, as her goals are always changing. It's a condensed narrative, taking place over the course of a week.

Most filming for Paterson has already been completed. And although the movie doesn't have a specific release date just yet, Amazon says to expect a theatrical premiere this year.