The American Film Institute (AFI) announced two new programs geared to increasing the numbers of female cinematographers in the industry – fewer than 4% of movies and shows employ a female cinematographer.

The programs are tuition-free, backed by 21st Century Fox and designed for cinematographers at two different stages of their careers.

The AFI Cinematography Introductory Intensive for Women will be held August 3 through August 6 at the AFI Los Angeles Campus and is designed for women interested in careers in cinematography. The class consists of workshops, screenings, and discussions designed to encourage participants to keep going down the cinematography career path and to enrich their talent through practical experience and study. AFI faculty and "master-level guests" will conduct the class.

Submissions for the class open today and last until June 15. Requirements, eligibility and more information can be found here. Apply for the program here.

The second program is aimed at recent female graduates of the AFI Conservatory who are actively working to break into the ranks of Hollywood cinematographers. This program is known as the Fox DP Lab and will take 10 to 15 AFI graduates who are looking to more deeply understand the DP hiring process. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with Fox executives who are in charge of hiring cinematographers, receive career guidance from Fox cinematographers and observe a Fox film or TV series being shot.

The application process for the Fox DP Lab will open in August 2018.