As part of our Artist Playlist series, Amateur Best shares his love for cinematic gems. His second album, The Gleaners , is due out on October 2nd via Brille Records.

"This top ten is a collection of music that really stood out to me the first time I watched the films they feature in, and they are all from films I love. Some of them are very direct, and kind of the stars of the show, and some are a bit more subtle, and hit you in different emotional spots."


We've provided you with three different ways to listen to this playlist because we're super nice people. However, if a track is missing from one of them, don't blame us; the streaming landscape is rife with inconsistencies.



1. 'Yumeji's Theme' - In the Mood For Love (2000, Wong Kar Wai)

I don't think there are many sadder scenes than this. The protagonists more or less spend the whole film doing a sad dance around each other, and this is their mournful waltz.

2. 'Cucurrucucu Paloma' - Caetano Veloso (2002, Talk to Her - Pedro Almodovar)

This film is quite unusual and shocking... this moment however is just beautiful, and amongst other things this is an amazing portrayal of how a performance can harness collective emotion, revealing people to each other.

3. 'Demon' - Claudio Simonetti (1982, Demons - Lamerto Bava)

This plays in the opening sequence of Demons and it's everything I want '80s Europe imitating '80s New York to be. Naive, stylish, silly.

4. 'Main Titles' - Distasterpiece (2015, It Follows - David Robert Mitchell)

A great score to a brilliant new horror movie. Takes the best of '80s horror synth scores and adds a modern interpretation.

5. 'The Chase' - Giorgio Moroder (1978, Alan Parker)

This is just one of the best pieces of music ever recorded.

6. 'Telescope' - Pino Donaggio (1984, Body Double - Brian de Palma)

I love Brian de Palma because he's clearly a genius but won't stop experimenting. This is one of his lesser know films and was slated on release, but I think it has gone on to influence all kinds of people. This song just has everything I like in it, and feels like taking a long and winding journey on your own. Alone but not lonely is the sound.

7. 'Under the Leaf' - Takeshi Kobayashi (2001, All About, Lily Chou Chou - Sjunji Iwai)

A melancholy instrumental from an extremely melancholy film. Like teenage melancholy where don't know that you're not gonna feel like that forever and ever and ever.

8. 'Protect Life' - Eric Serra (1997, The Fifth Element - Luc Besson

One of my favourite pieces of music from one of my favourite films. I'm fairly sure quite a lot of people hate this film but that's because they don't understand anything.

9. 'Chasing Sheep is Best Left To Shepherds' - Michael Nyman (1982, The Draughtsmans Contract - Peter Greenaway)

Michael Nyman makes pretty amazing music in general, but when you hear one of his highly stylised pieces with Peter Greenaway's highly stylised visuals, you get something very special. Wes Anderson used this piece really well in The Life Aquatic too.

10. 'Deep Red Theme' - Goblin (1982, Proffondo Rosso - Dario Argento)

Claudio Simonetti's band Goblin at their best. I think he's responsible for a huge amount of modern electronic music styles. It's funny because I think at the time he was just imitating American and Italo Disco that he liked and though his filter it became really special. Classic.