About a year ago, we saw him incarnating Jimi Hendrix in the John Ridley-directed biopic All Is By My Side (in which his acting and incredible ability to transform into the legendary guitarist were probably the only highlights).

Now André 3000 has been confirmed as the co-star of ABC drama American Crime, a show produced by the same John Ridley he worked with last year: "Working with André changed my life, personally and professionally on All Is by My Side," the director/producer told Variety. "To have him joining me for season two is pretty phenomenal."

"Personally, I couldn't be more excited than to work again with André," Ridley adds. "He is an amazing individual, a true artist, and All Is by My Side is one of the reasons I was given the reins on American Crime. Folks at ABC were absolutely moved by André's performance in the film, and by the overall language of cinema we used in telling the story. It's fair to say American Crime might not exist were it not for our previous collaboration.

With André 3000's growing dedication to the screen (both big and small), new Outkast music seems more and more unlikely to happen.