Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you? That's right, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back for the final round. We all know it was coming but we didn't know the title. That's now old news as we have the title and some new news.

The film is now going to be called Bad Boys For Life and will be released in January of 2018 instead of its previously touted slot of Summer 2017. This feels like a wise move as it gives Joe Carnahan more time to put together the final chapter in the action blockbuster franchise.

Now that title; what does it mean?Could either Mike Lowrey or Marcus Burnett be in jail when the film starts, hence the "For Life" part of the title or will be seeing the end to the freeway wreckers, wisecracking duo? Plus, shouldn't they have held 'for life' for a super surprise 4th film so it could be '4LOIFE'?

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