Questionable choice alert: Big Narstie is supporting a new problematic reality show that will feature fifty women who will apparently be getting "naughty all summer" in a £3m Ibiza-based villa so that creeps can watch. The grime artist is fronting the free live 24/7 stream called Base Babes, while users can control the women through weekly votes that will offer choices like skinny dipping and food fights. Ew.

Girls ages 18 and above are asked to apply by posting their "sexiest picture" on Instagram for the Base Babes team and public to vote on.

"You can watch the babes day and night in the pool, living room, dining room and roof terrace completely free from your laptop or smart phone. When the action heats up and goes to the bedroom or bathroom you can carry on watching for a small monthly subscription," the press info states.

#basebabesibiza here's some info summer gonna be a madness

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