The fury of mud-slinging agitated fans of the sacred ground the original 1984 classic Ghosbusters laid out be damned; the film's central protagonist Bill Murray will be appearing in the all-female sequel of the beloved series.

The original Dr. Venkman will be returning in some capacity for the heavily anticipated film, per The Hollywood Reporter, but it has not as of yet been confirmed what role he'll be playing. Fans may be hoping a grizzled Dr. Venkman returns to give advice to the new team, played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. But in all seriousness he could just be there for a 20-second cameo.

The newest installment of Ghostbusters is slated to debut summer of 2016 via director Paul Fieg, who's previous work includes Bridesmaids and Spy, plus several episodes of The Office and Arrested Development.