Björk made her North American debut of her recent exhibition at Montreal's DHC/Art Foundation for Contemporary Art, exploring digital technologies. It was there she wore a mocap suit and answered questions as an actual avatar. But now, she has taken her adoration for virtual reality to the next level, by releasing a 2D teaser for her forthcoming interactive VR film, Family, which will premiere as part of her Björk Digital exhibition in Montreal.

The film was commissioned by Phoebe Greenberg and Penny Mancuso of Montréal’s Phi Centre and Red Bull Music Academy and Björk has also worked with her frequent collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang (who also directed Black Lake and 'Stonemilker') for the film. "The story of the piece is about a woman who journeyed to see the Icelandic landscape to sew herself back together through, out of heartbreak, towards transcendence and empowerment," says Huang. "All the landscapes that you see in the piece are actual landscape scans of the sets that we shot in Black Lake. They‘re meaningful scans, they‘re not just any Icelandic environments."

Björk Digital ends November 12. Watch the trailer for Family below.