Charlie Brooker is the Cassandra of our generation. He peers into the future, warns us all, and is aghast when we don't listen. Be Right Back is one of his more sentimental pieces of work, but it is no less uncanny in its foresight.

A young couple move to a lonely house in the countryside. The husband, Ash, is a compulsive phone-checker - and with the average phone user of today unlocking their phone 46 times a day, this doesn't seem wholly unrealistic. He is killed in a tragic accident, and his wife, Martha, overwhelmed with grief, attempts something unnatural. She tries to bring him back to life by uploading his personality to a synthetic copy of her husband.

She does so by compiling all of his social media profiles and digital communications, initially uploading it to a cloud service and creating an artificially intelligent chat bot. Eerily, the 2016 trend du jour seems to be the rise of chat bots, with everyone from Duolingo to Facebook trying to get in on the action. Now we've all spoken to Smarterchild on MSN Messenger, but how far do we really want to take having conversations with a machine?

Apparently, pretty far. Vogue ran a piece in 2015 about virtual romance games exploring the world of women who date made-up avatars instead of human suitors. A writer at Time even attempted to propose to her 'Invisible Boyfriend' for a hot take. However, where we've previously drawn the line is merging real life with the virtual.

Necromancy, the art of raising the dead, has been looked upon in history with horror and disgust. Who are we, proud and flawed humans, to mess with the all-powerful forces of nature? Who are we to look upon death and decide for ourselves that our love could bring them back? By trying to replicate Ash, Martha takes a stab at reversing the passage of time. As we see in the episode, it only leads to misery.

Ash 2.0 could never fully embody the living, breathing Ash Martha craved so much. Be Right Back is ultimately more of a haunting tale of grief than a cautionary one. It is about the digital ghosts a person leaves behind, in a world where Facebook profiles of the dead can lay dormant, frozen in time and perfect, just as we want to remember them.

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