This Friday (October 21st) sees the return of Black Mirror to our television screens after an 18-month break. Charlie Brooker's dystopian tales of life in the modern age have sometimes been considered 'too close to home' by some thanks to its cutting commentary on how we use technology, interact with each other and how technology has crafted society. After a bidding war with Channel 4, Netflix won the rights to the series and commissioned 6 new episodes for this year with more to follow in 2017. What should we be expecting from Brooker's new series on the world's largest streaming service?

For one, an increased budget to realise Brooker's twisted vision whilst also providing enough draw for some of the best names in Hollywood. The hype is well earned for these 6 new episodes so before we start running with reviews of the new tales of futuristic woe (spoiler free I might add), The 405 team decided to re-visit three past episodes to see if the commentary still holds up. Prepare to be disturbed as we revisit Black Mirror season 1 & 2.

Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer