“Love is blind” – or so goes the old aphorism so often echoed in film and literature. Well, it is put to the test in the new psychological drama All I See Is You from Marc Forster (Monster's Ball and World War Z).

Blake Lively is Gina, a blind woman is a marriage that is seemingly the portrait of domestic tranquility and bliss with her husband (Jason Clarke), whom she relies on as her “eyes in the world.” Things take a turn, however, when Gina receives a corneal transplant and starts forming her own views on her world. Yet, when her sight starts to fade again, the couple's relationship takes on a powerful new clarity.

The film looks like a take on the type of “spousal infamy” psychology in now infamous Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer psychological thriller Gaslight which is exciting. The 405 will bring you more on this soon.

The film also stars Yvonne Strahovski, Ahna O'Reilly, Danny Huston, and Wes Chatham. All I See Is You is set for an October 27 theatrical release date. See the trailer below.