Next Wednesday, March 8, is International Women's Day. Obviously I don't have to ask you if you're celebrating and supporting, because of course you are. *side eye* And it should go without saying but women's rights are human rights—you should be supporting them no matter what your gender is. Amen!

How you celebrate is up to you but I have a few fun suggestions. They're happening the weekend prior so, you know, you can have yourself an International Women's Weekend. What could be better than that? Answer: nothing.

The awesome Bechdel Test Fest is hosting two screenings that I'm pretty sure only a doorstop would want to miss. If you haven't heard of Bechdel Test Fest, they're a rad organization that screens women-centric films, AKA my dream come true. As they describe it they are "an ongoing celebration of films that succeed in representing women in a positive and progressive light." Swoon.

On Saturday 4 March you can see Kelly Reichardt's newest film Certain Women followed by a Q&A with Reichardt herself. If you haven't had the extreme pleasure of hearing Reichardt speak before, it's worth the cost of admission alone. She's perhaps one of the most nuanced and talented directors working right now and she knows her shit.

Certain Women is also a very special film. It stars Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, Lily Gladstone, and Laura Dern and subtly, quietly explores their lives. At the Sundance Q&A, Stewart said of Reichardt, "She’s good at highlighting the unspoken and invisible," and I couldn't agree more. And while you may go to see Michelle Williams or Kristen Stewart, you'll leave completely head over heels for Lily Gladstone. Good god, she's something else.

After you've been rightfully blown away by Certain Women and Kelly Reichardt go home and get a good night's sleep because on Sunday 5 March Bechdel Test Fest, along with the Celluloid Sorceress, are presenting maybe the best double feature ever: 9 to 5 and Working Girl. I don't know if it's ever happened before (probably), but I think there needs to be a new rule that these two films always screen together.

9 to 5 is the movie that blessed us with the partnership of Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton and helped us laugh through the tears of patriarchal and misogynistic office life. The film might take place in the 80s but you know what? Not much has changed.

Working Girl stars Melanie Griffith as a young professional fighting to make her way to the top. She has a job working as a secretary for Sigourney Weaver but when her boss breaks her leg, she uses it as an opportunity to force her way up the ladder. And who does she find along the way? A sexy, young Harrison Ford, of course. Also, the hairstyles! The hairstyles!

It also must be mentioned that both 9 to 5 and Working Girl feature absolutely banging songs: Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and Carly Simon's "Let the River Run." There probably isn't a better way to end a piece than with those two songs so you know what. Bye.

Certain Women w/ the Q&A is screening at Picturehouse Central on Saturday March 4 at 6pm. If that sells out, don't worry because there are plenty of other chances to see the film!

9 to 5 and Working Girl are screening at Phoenix Cinema on Sunday 5 March at 1:15pm.