“I don’t want to be a punk, I just want to be” - Iggy Pop

To me, Iggy Pop was always a wrinkled old man who should have stopped taking his top off on stage when he hit 50. Or at least just given up. But then, I was not about during the '60s. I never experienced the raw energy of The Stooges or why they mattered.

That first sentence of this article could be considered musical blasphemy to those growing up in the '60s. I’d expect a fair amount of cultural pies to be thrown my way if that statement was transported back in time, so here’s hoping that the Jim Jarmusch documentary Gimme Danger will broaden my horizons of the band.

Gimme Danger

Iggy and The Stooges were more than a band and Iggy was more than a singer as their powerful and aggressive style of rock-n-roll left homes destroyed and music tastes reconfigured during the late 1960’s. Was it their cultural significance that made the band iconic or was there more to it? Gimme Danger follows all of this as well as combining candid interviews with the band plus backstage footage of some of their greatest shows. Watch the trailer below and see what riot you might be in for.

On Monday 21st November, Central Docs Club returns as Picturehouse Central screens ‘Gimme Danger’. Tickets are available now and are £5 for Picturehouse members and £7 for anyone else. The 405 Film Podcast will be there as usual so make sure to say hello.