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Suicide gets used a lot in Hollywood. From Luke Wilson’s heartbreaking attempt in The Royal Tenenbaums to every "you won’t take me alive" moment in [insert brainless action flick here], the life-ending action has always been used to convey different intentions.

In 1974, during a live broadcast, news reporter Christine Chubbuck shot and killed herself. It’s considered to be the first televised suicide. Instead of creating a "talking heads" style documentary, director Robert Greene takes a different approach. Greene follows Kate Lyn Sheil (you may have seen her in House of Cards) as she researches Chubbuck’s life in preparation to portray her in a dramatisation. It’s a thoroughly interesting approach to take and one that we’re damn excited to see.

Kate Plays Christine

Kate Plays Christine will keep you thinking long after the end credits (we’re especially interested to hear your opinion on the ending) not just because of its subject matter but how it explored that subject matter. Documentaries are constantly changing (go see our review of My Scientology Movie for proof on that) and they are changing for the better.

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