In the genre of "drug-frenzy" films (unofficial title), filmmakers often have a difficult time building a story that visually captures the horror of what the characters are going through against the cool mystique of the environment. For every Trainspotting that manages to do it seamlessly, there's a Wolf Of Wall Street that struggles to make the horrible reality actually seem horrible. While the scale of those two films is wildly larger than Elizabeth Wood's White Girl, the Sundance Film Festival selection seems to capture the unflinching horror of what drug-fueled ventures can do to someone.

Starring Morgan Saylor as the main character Leah, the film follows a young, well-off New York City student who falls for the typical "bad boy" character and follows him down his own destructive path. The trailer, seen below, features no dialogue, rather quick and jarring jump-cuts of presumably horrifying scenes as Leah goes further and further down a direction she may regret.

The film hits theaters August 26th.