More than 30 years and 20 films into their respective careers, Joel and Ethan Coen will be re-releasing their very first feature length film Blood Simple in limited theater release.

The perennially underrated 1985 crime thriller stars Coen-mainstay France McDormand alongside John Getz, Dan Hedaya, and M. Emmet Walsh. Hedaya - the husband in the story - suspects his wife (McDormand) is cheating on him with his co-worker and hires a private investigator (Walsh) to find out the truth, until it all begins to unravel. It originally debuted in Cannes 1984, then in major theaters in early '85. Sixteen years after the Coens revealed a director's cut, the duo will premiere a fully-restored version in limited release. On September 20th the film will be released as part of the Criterion Collection as well.

Check out the restored trailer for the film below.