Mega-director Christopher Nolan, the man behind Interstellar, Inception, and the Dark Knight trilogy, among other films, is the newest and biggest name to be featured in rumors for the long (long) hyped possibility of a live-action adaption of the 1988 classic Akira.

Warner Bros. has been attempting to bring director Katsuhiro Ôtomo's project to life since 2002, even coming extremely close in a few years ago according to Indiewire, which reports, "It got very close to production back in 2011, with Non Stop helmer Jaume Collet-Serra directing, a script by Harry Potter writer Steve Kloves, and Garret Hedlund, Ken Watanabe, Kristen Stewart and Helena Bonham Carter among the actors. But the movie fell apart, with a cautious Warner [Bros.] shutting down production at the beginning of 2012 before Collet-Serra was re-hired, and re-fired, more recently [June]."

Somehow the never-dying project was brought back to life, reportedly, earlier this year when the production company brought in Marco J. Ramirez - the co-runner of Netflix's amazing Daredevil series and screenwriter for Sons Of Anarchy - to craft the script. Den Of Geek reports that part of the production has shifted towards Leonardo DiCaprio's production team Appian Way, and that rumors have expanded the potential film into an entire trilogy with Nolan potentially involved.

Nolan is arguably the heaviest directing hand in Warner Bros. arsenal, commanding a lot of clout into his favor due to his long-running string of successful projects. Den Of Geek also points out that Nolan's next work doesn't arrive until summer of 2017, but to speculate he'd be the director of the film(s) is hard to state at this point considering the projects uncertainty, secrecy, and Nolan's heavy involvement in production for films like Man Of Steel.