There was a time when high school shootings were not the norm (if you were wondering, that sentence felt horrific to write). A time when we didn't just go 'oh another' when news stations reported on the 'loner' firing bullets into crowds of students. High school shootings should not be the norm, yet they seem to be (American TV even has an advert telling you to look for signs of a potential shooter).

Tower documents a moment in history that started it all: the 1966 Texas University shooting. It was a moment in America's history when the initial reaction was not to run, it was to stand dumbfounded.

There were no smartphones or easily accessible television cameras in 1966, so Keith Maitland was limited in finding archive footage to visually tell the story. By being limited in the assets available, Maitland decides to rotoscope the majority of the film. The effect is visually stunning and the style alone warrants the film to be seen on a big screen. Not seeing Tower in a cinema would be comparable to passing on watching Planet Earth in 4K, you just wouldn't do it. On February 6th, we're giving you that chance as Tower will be the feature film of Central Docs Club.

Not been to a Central Docs Club? Well, it's pretty simple. You sit in a cinema with like-minded film fans, watch a cutting-edge documentary before discussing it with the Picturehouse team and for Tower - Sian and myself. It's good fun and a chance to put that film studies qualification (hello) to use. If you fancy it, tickets are cheap and you can buy them here.

For a full review of the film, check out what Siân thought when she watched it at the London Film Festival.