Although it started off as a bit of a weird novelty, it seems that Elijah Wood has cemented himself these days as a legit horror star. Perhaps an unlikely figure to be the face of B-Movie shlock, when it comes to the weirdest, silliest (yet, sadly, rarely the scariest) contemporary horror films, Wood's creative fingerprints are often all over them.

Which brings us to this year's zombie-comedy Cooties, the actor and producers' latest horror vehicle. When a mysterious virus spreads through the school's dinners and chicken nuggets (no, really), it's up to the few surviving teachers to survive a night surrounded by lurking hordes of undead kids. It's a set-up that seems completely humourless and a bit too dark on paper (well, sans zombie chicken nuggets), but the trailer keeps things light-hearted and suitably tongue-in-cheek by delivering some surprisingly decent gags and what looks like a plethora of promising and interesting set-pieces.

While the zombie-comedy shtick is a bit overdone at this point, Cooties could be just the film to revitalise a flagging and creatively deteriorating genre. Although there's a few lulls to be found in the trailer, it boasts a wry streak of self-depreciating humour and a thoroughly fun sense of gory visual comedy. A few classic horror nods and a self-aware "ready up" montage just about save this first-look reveal, managing to establish Cooties as one to watch for horror fans in 2015.

Helped by a talented supporting cast that includes Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill and Jack McBrayer, the Cooties trailer is a cautiously optimistic introduction to what looks to be a charming and funny gory horror throwback. Fingers crossed it doesn't end up dead on arrival.