It will not surprise many of you to hear that we really love Taika Waititi here at The 405. The New Zealand director and writer became one of my favourite filmmakers after watching and then constantly re-watching What We Do in the Shadows. Among other things, the documentary (that's right, vampires are real) caused me to address my daily swearing habits. Remember, we're not swear-wolves.

Waititi's latest film, the critically acclaimed Hunt for the Wilderpeople, lands in cinemas this weekend and stars Sam Neill (now with improved vineyard--seriously, go search for Two Paddocks) and Julian Dennison, a newcomer to films (and no vineyard yet but there's plenty of time). After attending the London premiere, I decided to ask The 405 writing staff one simple question: "could you survive in the wild?"

Here are their answers. Judge them as you will.

Alexandra Howard

I wouldn't be able to survive the wild because I have absolutely no clue how real things work--I may have a film degree but I have zero common sense. I'm not sure my knowledge of Weimar cinema would help me build a shelter or keep me safe from scary bugs.

Alexandra on Twitter.

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Zachary Evans

I feel pretty confident in my abilities to survive in the wild based on living on the edge of the wilderness that is Idaho my entire life and having spent a good deal of time camping and such growing up. However, seeing as I'm type 1 diabetic, I would be pretty much boned after my supply of insulin ran out. So if I have any chance to get that resupplied then I'm feelin' good, but otherwise it's not exactly a long-term victory for me.

Zachary on Twitter.

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Josh Brown

If it was any other year I would have said my chances of surviving on my own in the wild couldn't have been any lower. I am what doctors and schoolyard bullies call "a wimp" and would have probably died of shock the minute some horrible old bug started scuttering around me. But I've endured through Dirty Grandpa twice so far in 2016 and I reckon if I can do that, I can do anything.

Josh on Twitter.

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Mickey Ralph

I've never been successful with any negotiations between me and the wild. I'm destructive and loud so I don't mix well with the quiet beauty of the wilderness. I rumble through the environment like a thundercloud, squealing and whining about each and every spiderweb or pointy branch. I'd probably survive but anyone within earshot of me would tap out on the first day.

Mickey on Twitter.

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Daniel Theophanous

I would like to think there is something innate within all of us, that if we did get stranded we have resources within ourselves to survive--or at least attempt to. My real problem with a situation like this is that I have a phobia of snakes, so not sure how my fear would play out in the wild. Saying that, the idea is highly appealing--the thought of disconnecting, shutting away all the noise and nobody having any access to you. So I would like to say yes... as long as someone can guarantee no snakes!

Daniel on Twitter.

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Jess Devonport

I am definitely a survivor. I have the Girl Guide Advanced Camper badge, I can tie at least two different knots, and I don't let relationships or sentimentality hold me back. I have no evidence for it, but years of watching action movies have given me the unshakeable belief that I would win in any hand-to-hand combat. I'm not sure if I could fight a bear, but I figure I only need to run faster than the slowest person.

Jess on Twitter.

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Markus Mickels

Here in Finland, a period of military service is still compulsory for men so my only real past experience with the wilderness is sleeping in a tent with ten other guys and roaming in the dirt, rifle in hand. But when in the army, you are told exactly what to do; someone else thinks for you. I might value independent thinking and individuality, but put me in the wilderness to figure things out for myself and I'd have no idea what to do with myself. Of course, there's no guarantee of what supplies I'd have, but I feel a rifle like I had in the army would be unlikely. I mean, if I did have weapons or something I could hunt for food and be all set. But then again, I'm a terrible shot so I'd probably just end up shooting myself in the foot--figuratively and literally. Basically, I'd be fucked.

Markus on Twitter.

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