Eric D Winkinson, independent producer and screenwriter, has written an open letter to Bruce Willis, Die Hard producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and director Len Wiseman with his own idea to revitalise the action franchise.

Winkinson took out the full page advert in US film magazine The Hollywood Reporter, calling for the action franchise to return to its roots in order to get the long-running series back on track.

Deadline last month reported that Die Hard producers are planning a new instalment, featuring Bruce Willis, playing John McClane in the present day alongside a young actor who would play a younger version of the character.

Die Hard obsessive Wilkinson has reacted by spending thousands of dollars in savings to post the open letter in the full page ad:

"I withdrew money I don't really have from my savings to reach out to you today to tell you that I love the movie Die Hard," writes Wilkinson. "Let me say that again ... I LOVE DIE HARD."

The indie film producer then went on to detail a Die Hard film where McClane is framed for a murder and then transported to a prison populated by murderers and terrorists. When two of the prisoners cause a riot in order to escape and plan an attack on American soil, McClane takes it upon himself to stop them.

Winkinson says the film would bring the franchise back to its roots: "No surfing on trucks. No jumping off the wings of harrier jets. No car chases with super-size sports utility trucks driving ON TOP of traffic," he writes. "[Just an] ordinary man [in] extraordinary circumstances."

Read the full letter here.