In an earnings’ call Aug. 8, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the entertainment giant will be breaking a 2012 arrangement with Netflix to provide new releases exclusively to the streaming service.

Disney will instead be launching its own streaming service exclusively for the company’s films and allied programming aimed at kids in 2019. This news came along with Disney’s acquisition of BAMtech, Inc. the streaming technology owned by Major League Baseball, for $1.58 Billion. It is this technology that will under gird the new Disney children’s streaming service, and also allow for the launch of an ESPN streaming service in early 2018.

How this news impacts the current Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel movies on Netflix is unclear because every title in the Netflix library from these studios is there through licensing. The licensing may last into next year, it may last until the new Disney service launches: this right now is unclear. It does however mean that films like Star Wars Episode IX (2019) and Captain Marvel (2019) will go straight to the new service.