John Cusack starred in the 2000 film adaptation of Nick Hornby's 1995 novel High Fidelity, an R-Rated comedic look at a record-store owner's breakups.

Now Deadline reports that Disney is in the very early stages of adapting Hornby's story with a female lead for a TV series for their streaming service coming soon. This adaptation will also be a comparatively optimistic and upbeat PG-13, keeping with Disney's family-friendly standards.

The adaptation is being penned by Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka (both scribes on Ugly Betty and State of Affairs) and produced by ABC Signature Studios and Midnight Radio (who's Scott Rosenberg had a hand in writing the feature adaptation). It is being described as a departure from the book and feature but keeping in the original spirit of the same.

Stay tuned for updates on this as we hear it.