The Craft

A total '90s classic centered around a group of teen witches, The Craft makes you wanna pray down to Manon and get magical with your besties.

Death Proof

Released as a double feature alongside Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, this Tarantino bloodbath builds to an immense car chase in which a gang of stunt women hunt down Kurt Russell across a dusty wasteland. One of the stunt women, Zoe asks to play a game they call "Ship's Mast", where she rides on the hood of the car holding on to leather belts while they drive at high speed, smashing into Kurt in a seemingly never-ending, rubber-burning, chase of death. It's just really good.

Darkness Falls

I sneaked into the cinema with my friends when this came out because it was rated R and we were too young. I don't really watch scary movies but peer pressure excludes all logic when you're a kid. The film made me afraid of the dark for years to come. Plot: the tooth fairy is a scary hag that will kill children if they dare to look up from under the sheets when she comes to find their tooth under the pillow. She hides in the dark and that's where she grabs you. Sunlight makes her fry. It's about a man who's been running from her with the lights on since he was a child that dared to look. - Rakel

Inland Empire

I think it might actually be impossible to properly describe this Lynch epic, but it's a beautiful and deranged mind warper without a doubt. When watching, you never know what is going on or why, who anyone actually is, and what they actually want. I don't really know what's scarier than a film in which it feels like literally anything could happen, and if it does it will probably defy any logic and could potentially be pure evil. - Alice

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a deeply moody and and atmospheric film with a timeless feel to it. Billed as 'Iran's first vampire western', it's a far cry from all the sexy, sparkly vampire stuff around these days. The film follows a young, skateboarding vampire around a washed up Iranian city as she prays on bad men. It flips the script on what you'd expect from a horror film and makes you question where the evil really lies. - Bella

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