The era of Stephen King keeps trucking forward.

Faith Akin (In the Fade) has been retained by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse to helm an adaptation of the prolific horror author's novel Firestarter.

Firestarter was part of the last era of King that happened in the 1980's with the Mark L. Lester-directed version of the story – which also helped put then child actress Drew Barrymore on the map, after starring in E.T. two years before and Altered States two years before that.

As in the 1984 version and King's novel, the story revolves around a young girl who develops pyrokinesis which a clandestine government organization attempts to jettison and use after abducting her.

Universal had been sitting on Firestarter for some time, and because of the success of all the other King flick's recently like It, decided to move forward here. Horror icon Jason Blum (Get Out) being a producer here is also an interesting addition.

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