You know how you can feel overwhelmed about something? (Like how I am still overwhelmed by all of the incredible magic from Now You See Me 2.) And underwhelmed? (Like how Adam was underwhelmed by my attempt yesterday to palm a Peanut M&M just like Dave Franco from Now You See Me 2.)

Well, sometimes you're right in the middle: whelmed. Not too cold, not too hot—just there. That's how I felt about The Neon Demon. Not even the crazy flashing lights (enough to warrant putting up warning signs outside the cinema) did it for me. Not even a bizarre cameo from Keanu Reeves. Not even the gorgeous cinematography and production design. NOT EVEN CLIFF MARTINEZ.

Adam and I discuss the film further on this week's podcast and I attempt to coin a new phrase: neon piles of magic. We also talk about Comic-Con because how could we not—have you SEEN that Wonder Woman trailer I mean come on. And as always, we have some Netflix recommendations for you, in case you need a break from Stranger Things and Steve Harrington's hair (Ha, as if anyone could ever actually need a break from that gorgeousness.)

Listen below, let us know what classic tale you would want to see Guy Ritchie makeover next (my vote is Little Women because it's about time he did something female-centric, amirite?), and make sure you're following the 405 Film twitter for more awesomeness.

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