This wouldn't be a top five list without a Wes Anderson film. What's most fun about this film is watching Max Fischer's character evolve from a self-righteous mischief-maker into a more down-to-earth, loving character.


I mean, how could this not be on the list? Super cute, sweet, and quirky!

Pierrot le Fou

I love French New Wave films, but this one in particular is really fun. The shots are beautiful and Anna Karina is adorable as ever!

Howl's Moving Castle + Spirited Away

Listen, all Studio Ghibli films are fantastic, but these two have to be my favourite. And yes, I'm cheating because I can't decide on just one!

Fish Tank

This one is my guilty pleasure and I'm sure I've seen it over ten times. Not only will it keep you on the edge of your seat, but Michael Fassbender is really hot in it - just sayin'.

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