Over the weekend, Flying Lotus made his directorial debut at Sundance NEXT Fest by premiering his short film Royal. He's called it "an awkward love story that's definitely not for the kiddies." But now, it's been revealed that the short is part of a forthcoming feature film titled Kuso.

“Decided to follow my heart and make a film. Don't have financial support and spending a lot of time begging for favors but it feels right," he wrote on Twitter. Apparently, there will be new music from Captain Murphy (his alter ego), Aphex Twin, Thundercat, and Akira Yamoaka. And you canwork on it too if you @BRAINFEEDER on Twitter. "If you’re in LA and want to help on this film. Please reply to @BRAINFEEDER with links to work and reels.We need all types of help esp n post," he said.