It has been a big year for 21st Century Fox with its merger with Disney – there doesn't appear to be any flack headed toward it from the Trump Administration as far as invoking anti-trust powers to stop the deal.

Still, Fox has apparently decided to keep things fairly business-as-usual with a whole slew of super hero properties which will be coming soon or starting production soon, even if there may be some approaching volatility within those franchises once the characters move to Marvel Studios.

Just a few of the films The Hollywood Reporter says are coming down the pike:

Last, is the X-Force movie, with Drew Goddard on board to direct along with Deadpool 2, both of which are expected to be huge for Fox, and both of which star Ryan Reynolds. On top of all these, the studio is planning 3 X-Men movies for 2019, and an additional 3 in 2020.

The production schedules mean that the most rational thing that could be done by Fox right now is to proceed as if the merger wasn't happening. Even if some of these projects don't see the light of day – a likelihood always in Hollywood – stay with The 405 for more on each of these as we hear it.