If reports by TVLine are to be believed, then yes: Gilmore Girls will be getting a limited-series revival courtesy of Netflix, written by the original series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Netflix did it with Arrested Development, and with Wet Hot American Summer, to name just a couple, but with Gilmore Girls it feels more deserved.

This is because Sherman-Palladino had nothing to do with Gilmore's seventh and final season – owing to contract disputes with Warner Bros. she quit after its sixth. She is on board for the Netflix-commissioned series, so it's almost as if the wrongs of that final, botched season – deemed out-of-character and not a worthy ending to the series by fans and critics alike – can be righted this time around.

Four 90-minute episodes are being planned, with the "major players" of the cast – Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson – set to return, with the notable exception of Edward Herrmann (Richard, Lorelai's father), who passed away at the end of 2014.