You bought the memoir, wore the clothes and now, you are ready to Netflix and chill with Girlboss. Loosely based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso's titular self-help memoir, the TV show draws upon the entrepreneur's journey to fashion stardom. If I have to describe the show, it's The Devil Wears Prada meets Sex and the City, minus the Miranda Priestly character. Throw in some #tbt and you're set to see a mid-aughts "coming of age" story where Sophia Marlowe (Britt Robertson) is trying to learn the ropes at 23 years young in San Francisco. Written by Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon and produced by Amoruso and Charlize Theron, Girlboss is not a show you want to miss out on.

Based on the origin story, we follow Marlowe's struggles as she hops from job to job; store to store. Packed with heavy ambition, Marlowe uses her street smarts to tap into digital marketing on MySpace back when social media isn't a springboard for marketing. As much as I respect her hustle, Robertson's Marlowe is a selfish narcissist whose cold hard egotism and extreme stubbornness lands her in trouble. Despite Marlowe's instant luck with success in the show, it feels like Girlboss is made to glorify the real life entrepreneur's history in order to deflect against the bad PR she's been receiving since 2015. However, my opinion with Girlboss doesn't stop here.

As someone who has read #GIRLBOSS, Cannon's entire execution of the story feels over the top. For instance, Marlowe and her nemesis Gail (Melanie Lynskey), a seller of an eBay store, become chummy after the latter stops by the former's place to confront her about her business practices. Not only does it feel very dramatic, Cannon fails to make scenes like this relatable for us to learn the ropes of what it is actually like to deal with competitors on eBay. In turn, this makes the dialogue very dull and the acting (except for Johnny Simmons and RuPaul) extremely poor. It also leaves me to search for more historical accuracies in each scene. If Amoruso put in more historical anecdotes into #GIRLBOSS, the show won't run into any problems like this at all.

Girlboss has the potential to salvage itself from some snags, but that might come until season 2 comes around (if there will be one).