Based upon the real-life teenage suicides that occurred in Bridgend between 2007 and 2012, Jeppe Rønde's Bridgend is arguably the most controversial film to be screened at the festival in years. Predictably, critical response has so far been polarising, with the shocking nature of the source material representing just about the only shared consensus.

Game of Thrones' Hannah Murray assumes the role as Sara, a Bristolian who uproots to the town with her police officer father who is assigned to investigate the tragic goings-on. Quickly, she becomes immersed in the local community, swapping horse-riding for hijinks with an unruly group of the victims' friends. From there, themes such as media intrusion, hive mind and cultism arise. Ronde says his film is an investigation but never does he claim to have answers, instead treating his drama a type of ambivalence that such delicate subject matter demands.