By the time the mid to late '70s had rolled around, Miles Davis was a broken man. Having split from his wife and fallen down a path of cocaine abuse, Davis had become a virtual recluse in his New York City apartment. Mentally, physically and creatively, the by-then jazz superstar was burnt out and showed little inclination of returning to the spotlight.

That's if you believe Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle's directorial debut which blurs the line between fact and fiction. Cheadle delivers an ice-cool performance as the cantankerous Davis, while Ewan McGregor turns up as David Brill; an imagined Rolling Stone reporter with a penchant for blagging. By way of flashback, Cheadle explores real life events such as Davis' infamous Birdland nightclub arrest and paranoid knife attack episode, but dolloped-on fictionalized car chases and gun stick up's only serve to feel like empty, somewhat bizarre, Hollywood calories.

Although an ultimately frivolous take, Miles Ahead at least offers an accessible jump off point into the character of Davis for the uninitiated.