Tip: If you play in a band and somehow find yourself performing to a crowd of right-wing skinheads in an unlicensed punk club off the beaten track, then opening your set with a Dead Kennedy's 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' cover might not be the wisest idea.

Jeremy Saulnier follows up his 2013 indie hit, Blue Ruin, with Green Room, a gruesome horror-thriller about an out of town punk rock band, who, after inadvertently witnessing a murder, attempt to escape the confines of a DIY venue ran by a bunch of pissed off white supremacists. Anyone that's accidentally stumbled into an establishment where the clientele are unwelcoming and music obnoxiously loud will testify to just how uncomfortable an experience it can be, and Saulnier captures this sense of unease perfectly through his use of grimy mis-en-scene and claustrophobic cinematography. The psychopathic neo-Nazi's and devil dog pit bulls also help.

If they dished out Oscar's for most unexpected casting of the year, then Patrick Stewart would no doubt take home gold for his role as the disturbed club Fuhrer.