Micah McGee's debut full-length follows a teenage girl as she lives her life in her final year at high school. After being denied permission to go through with an abortion from an unwanted pregnancy from her parents, she is faced with no choice but to keep the baby and decline a college scholarship. Despite her luck taking a few turns for the worse, she still manages to stay strong and find herself.

First time actress Devon Keller was cast from the director's very own high school in Texas and delivers a fantastically convincing performance. Teen pregnancy in the state is currently at an all time low yet is still a very present issue due to varying factors such as schools mainly only teaching an "Abstinence Only" birth control approach.

Quote from McGee on Petting Zoo's website:

"As a teenage girl sometimes you have sex before it means anything to you. Your body is just beginning to be yours. As a pregnant teenager your body changes all over again. At the same time: sex does matter. As a teenager you're totally obsessed with sex. It's all around you. You don't know what it is."