Alex Ross Perry's latest work Queen of Earth is an immaculately shot indie movie in the style of a 1970s Hollywood psychological horror flick. After the death of her father and a particularly difficult breakup, grieving Catherine heads to her best friend Virginia's family holiday home to spend the week with her closest girlfriend in peace, one year following their last visit. The women's not-so-peaceful vacation becomes strained following the arrival of a persistent male neighbour.

This is not a happy film, the characters are not likeable people and despite the decent plot and the appeasing shots, the film falls short. What could've been a great look into female mental health just came across as wanting to fit into the stereotype of a story about these issues with no real substance.

Perhaps all the confusion and tension you feel as a viewer is supposedly symbolic of what it's like to suffer from something such as depression? Probably not.

Despite this, Elisabeth Moss' performance as the grief-stricken Catherine completely makes the film, as does the tension-building music that was composed especially by Keegan DeWitt.