Rampage (Brad Peyton)

After a long debate, we agree that Rampage is our best guilty pleasure at the moment. However a lot of movies with Dwayne Johnson were on the shortlist! Rampage is the story of David Okoye, a primatologist who is more comfortable with animals than humans. His best friend George is a gorilla…we love that idea.

We are huge fans of Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne-y. He has recreated the '80s hero. Straight, honest, respectful, strong and faithful. Watching Rampage is extremely peaceful for us. Everything is under control as DJ is always making the good moves, taking the right decision at the right moment. No matter what happens, nothing really bad will follow because the DJ is in command.

I think we are fed up with modern heroes, too depressed or too charged with superpowers. DJ is playing who he is in real life and, in a way, is one of the most authentic actors we have.

Dwayne, you are in our hearts.

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