Ahead of its season five premiere next month, HBO's Girls has decided to call it quits and will end its run after season six, according to E! Online reports. The Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow award-winning comedy became a quick fave, introducing viewers to the Brooklyn bubble inhabited by Hannah Horvath, Jessa, Shoshana and Marnie. But as disappointing as the announcement may be to some, it should be no surprise, as Lena has made it clear through various recent interviews and talk show appearances that she thinks six seasons is an appropriate length for a series, while mentioning her opinions that American TV shows tend to go on "past their due dates."

“It’s always been important to us that we know and understand when it’s time to wrap it up,” she told EW last month. “It is about a very specific time in life and we don’t want to push past that or overextend it. We’re going to feel it out.”

Girls season five premieres Feb. 21 on HBO.