Absolutely thrilling, the joy of watching a blockbuster heist film that involves an element of the con, for the characters and the audience, is unimaginable. There’s a certain excitement that one gets from rooting for the good guys to pull off a job that might be legally shady but is morally right.

A heist film consists of all the elements of good cinema from action and adventure to comedy and emotions. Now, at the very core of any good heist film is making money. While us mortals can save quite a bit using an energy casino promo code, in the fictional world of movies, its all about going grand, over the top, and achieving something that is highly unimaginable. Heist films in Hollywood can come under various genres, and we look at three particular movies that have stood the test of time.

Italian Job

The original Italian Job was released in 1969 and immediately went on to become a classic in its rights. The characters in the film use the iconic Mini Cooper to make a getaway, and this has been immortalised in cinema history. The story consists of a plan to steal a load of gold bricks in Turin, Italy and how the merry band of protagonists go about creating a traffic jam to escape.

The original film ended on a cliff-hanger, but it was at the 40th year of its release that Michael Caine revealed the initially planned ending of The Italian Job. The film has since then been remade in Hollywood to some success, and also by various other international film industries, but nothing has come close to the original which remains a fan favourite till this very day.

The Usual Suspects

A film that is driven by its cast and characters, this is not an ordinary heist film. A group of criminals who are unknown to each other are brought together by a “ghost” for a job that includes killing an individual and recovering something from a ship. However, that is just the basis of the film as the complexity of each character is so broad that the audience is left wondering what is going on till the last second. The Usual Suspects has the most astounding ending in film history, and to this date, fans discover something new in the plot. The popularity of the film, based on the mystery that it created around the characters, is so widespread that repeated viewing is warranted to fully understand the nuances that were missed when it first came out.

Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s 11 is a bunch of movies rolled into one. It doesn’t have the high-flying action one would expect from the top stars of the industry that populate the screen, instead what we get is an intelligent film that takes the idea of “honour among thieves” to the next level. There is a sense of brotherhood that runs through the characters making the movie as endearing to watch as it is fun. Considered among the top gambling films to watch, the series had three successful films and just recently was extended with a whole new female cast line up in Ocean’s 8, adding further to the legendary status of the film.