It's Oscar week and this year's award-season golden-child La La Land is expected to sweep a number of awards. It's a story of music, dreams and dancing - but not if David Lynch has anything to do with it.

In a new mashup trailer, the musical gets the surrealist Lynch treatment and we think it would make for a much better film. "Everyone knows that La La Lan’ is the feel-good, singing and dancing movie of the year," the trailer's description reads. "And with Damien Chazelle nominated for Best Director in this weekend’s Academy Awards, we wondered what the film would look like with an entirely different director and tone. This episode of Trailer Mix brings you a darker, more surrealist version courtesy of David Lynch."

Watch below.

We'd also like to point you in the direction of this ridiculously wonderful song from Ohyeahsumi, and this piece on loneliness and showing sympathy beyond consumption.