At this year's San Diego Comic Con, there will be no leaked trailers. Why? Well the studios have been trying to battle the pirates for years now so instead of taking the path of "hoping" they won't get stuff filmed, they publish the trailers themselves. Better. Bigger. And more HD.

Here's our pick of the trailers from SDCC all of which we'll be discussing on The 405 film podcast next week

Marvel throw down the gauntlet...again

The Marvel/Netflix deal is proving to be one of the strongest in recent television memory, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones proving that a darker timeline for some heroes is a better timeline. It was common knowledge that Luke Cage (Mike Colter) was going to get his own series, but you can take nothing away from the trailer below; I've never seen a car door used so effectively.

If that wasn't enough, the teases for "let's get everyone together for one big series" appeared. Called 'The Defenders', it looks like all of the big small screen guns will be teaming up for a "let's stick it to the CW" series.

If you were left scratching your head (not just because of sunburn) over some of the logos in that trailer, that's because you haven't met Iron Fist yet; the Finn Jones fronted martial arts epic. There's not a lot to show yet, but punching through a whole wall is enough to get this guy excited.

DC bring out the big guns

If you felt that Batman vs Superman was lacklustre, you're not alone. If you enjoyed BvsS then you are probably reading this sentence with angry eyes at my prior sentence. Either way, get excited for round two of the DC universe, starting with the impressive looking Wonder Woman.

That's not all! Produced exclusively for Hall H at SDCC, DC dropped a first look at Justice League. Jason Momoa completely steals the show here and if there's one thing Team Snyder gets right, it's making the epic look visually-over-the-top-incredible.

How do you like your monsters? Big?

Well if you like them midlevel and Pokemon Go sized then turn away now as the first film in the brand new (yes another one) Kong/Godzilla movie universe shows the iconic creature to tower over the Jack Black sized monster. Tom Hiddleston (without Taylor) and Brie Larson star in what could be a great popcorn spilling flick.

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

The Lego Movie was a sleeper hit; one that didn't expect to have its own cinematic universe created for it, but here we are. Will Arnett's take on the caped crusader was a stand out character of the film for me personally (no parents) so it makes sense to cash in on the popularity. Here's hoping the love and care that Lord & Miller put into the original Lego Movie transfers to this.

Lads lads and swords

I wake up most days thinking "What is Guy Ritchie up to these days?". Finally, on Saturday my prayers were answered in this very Guy Ritchie take on a medieval film. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or King Arthur: Lads go for a Cheeky Nandos. You'll see.

Holy shit American Gods

If you haven't read the Neil Gaiman masterpiece, then start now; there might be time for you to complete it before this Bryan Fuller helmed show lands on Starz. Expect gods, weird billionaires and a really hidden war. Oh and a very special tree. American Gods is due to premiere in 2017.


Strange things are happening

Dr Stange is coming this year. That's all you need to know about Benedict Cumberbatches reality wielding orthopaedic surgeon